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Ensuring that all your electrical equipment is safe to use is one of the main points an employer needs to do. It protects your employees and business from potential hazards. Testing and tagging is a process where a licensed company checks the safety of all of your portable electrical devices.

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We have built a reputation for providing a professional, confidential, and consistent service, as well exceeding client’s expectation. You can rely on Sydney Test and Tag prices, to be honest, fair, and affordable.

Our team takes pride in our safe and secured work ethics. We adhere to the industry’s standards and safety regulations mandated by the Australian government at all times. Sydney Test and Tag believe that safety is the critical component and the first stop in every workplace and prevention is the key.

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Sydney Test and Tag Prices

  • To offer consistent, confidential, and professional workplace safety services by providing long-term assurance of reliability, a fair Sydney Test and Tag prices, and quality.
  • Enhancing workforce environment skills and effectiveness
  • Delivering on promises and exceeding business expectations
  • Maximizing profitability, competitiveness, and performance

We provide onsite inspection and test and tagging of electrical equipment that meets the AS/NZS 3760 regulations. When it comes to testing and tagging of electrical appliances for your business, it is important that you have the quality equipment that passes Australia’s strict test and tag guidelines. Sydney Test and Tag carries a great range of quality testing equipment for all businesses that apply to:

  • Power Tools
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Power Cables
  • Microwave Testing
  • 3 Phase Test and Tag
  • Extension Leads
  • Portable and Fixed RCD test and tag

Our test and tag price list ranges from as little as AUD$3 plus GST charges. These accurate and fair charges cover visual inspection, document listing of all test results, and PAT machine testing. We also supply can create test reports for your business in soft/hard copy.


Sydney Test and Tag help business in ensuring that they comply with specific electrical and fire safety regulations. We don’t only provide pertinent compliance information to our customers, but also a highly focused test and tagging services that exceed recommended standards.

Sydney Test and Tag prices are transparent and accurate. Benefits of working with us include:


Reduced Data Entry, Management Time, And Paperwork


A Transparent Process Of Service And Enhanced Quality Control


Implementation Of Data Reporting Process


Substantial Reduction In Compliance Expenses


Extended Data Reporting, And Comprehensive Analysis Of All Tested And Bar-coded Equipment


Regular Maintenance And Servicing With All Test And Tag Results In One Database

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Sydney Test and Tag can manage your business’ ongoing electrical test and tag needs in compliance with AS/NZ 3760 regulations. Our thorough testing and tagging services use the latest and most innovative industry technology and pride ourselves on living up to our reputation and delivering a stress-free service.

Some business owners are not aware of their safety obligations and duties of care to their employees. The test and tag price list that we offer includes comprehensive reports such as test date, ID number, appliance description, re-test date, pass/fail, insulation test, visual test, and Earth bond test.

Contact us today and make your business safety compliant. Sydney Test and Tag prices are affordable and accurate. We service all kinds of businesses in the Sydney area.



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